APPLE advice

A question was asked to Steve Jobs and Bill Gateslive.“”What would be the most valuable single piece ofadvice, to give us…?””Here’s what Steve Jobs responded with in part:“People say you have to have a lot of PASSIONin whatever you’re doing. And the reason isbecause it’s so hard, if you don’t, any rationalperson would give up…”It’sContinue Reading

Hey, you’re looking at the wrong FB stats

No secret in this business that to make sales, you need traffic.And it’s no secret either that Facebook Advertising is HOT rightnow.And that’s because… IT WORKS!Now I’m not here to sell you some FB Traffic course here. Farfrom it.But I do want to debunk a little sumpn’ sumpn’ I see a lot ofpeople “”mistakenly”” doingContinue Reading

DON’T give your business over to the robots

Ever been 100% committed to do something out ofyour norm?…Like lose weight.…Make money.…To change your life in some positive way?…To Breaking Bad habits?And maybe you even make a purchase, get yourself allpassionate and amped up to do it.And then you do NOTHING.Maybe you’ve repeated that cycle dozens of times!Hey, I think we’ve all been there.ButContinue Reading

Tremendous realization about Leverage…

There are several 7-8 figure a year companies I know of that have the word “”Leverage”” in their name.Now people usually pick their business name for a reason! And I always thought WHY? Why the name “”Leverage””… After thinking deeply about this I’ve arrived at the conclusion that leverage is *all encompassing*. Least it shouldContinue Reading

Bruce Lee covers online biz

Why are the most successful entrepreneurs masters of just a few key things?Well young grasshopper…Bruce Lee said he did not fear the opponent who knew 10,000 different kicks.He feared the opponent who practiced *ONE* kick 10,000 times.Mastery.Not a Dabbler.Finding the most important things you need to do in order to grow your business and eliminatingContinue Reading

The above video shows the fulfillment of one of my dreams. All of us have dreams, but very few people make their dreams come true because they think dreams are just that, dreams. What if I told you there is a way to make all your dreams come true? Well, there is. And you can start right now. Dreams are the foundation of life. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams. I dare to dream, and I know you do too.